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Alternate compensation for year 2018 in Slovakia

Do you employ 20 or more persons?

If yes, you are then obliged to employ also a disabled citizen or to pay a fine to the state.
( 1125 EUR / for every disabled citizen you need to meet the compulsory contribution level (the sum to be paid in 2018).
Save with us too. Make use of 2018 alternate compensation.

1. You will save money that you would otherwise uselessly pay to the state.
2. We will prepare you tailor-made promotional materials – our offer
3. You will support employment of persons with impaired ability to work.

4. You will be provided ALTERNATE COMPENSATION for the full (100%) value of services offered by us.
5. We will deal with administration (completion of forms) on your behalf.

Contribution and alternate compensation calculator

Average number of employees in the calendar year :

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Number of disabled employees in the company (40-69%) :

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Number of severally disabled employees in the company (70% or more) :

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Number of disabled employees to be employed by your company under the rule of law :

Amount of the fine you should pay to the state if you fail to employ the required number of disabled employees :

Amount of alternate compensation :
(the sum to be paid to the protected manufactory for ordered services within no later than the end of the calendar year)

Did you know that alternate compensation for every single disabled citizen (as required by law) is lower by EUR 120 than the fine to be paid to the state?

We offer alternate compensation also for these services:

Display digital printing, production of advertising, corporate and other boards, sale of and printmaking on advertising articles, sewing-machine embroidery, sale of and printmaking on textiles, T-shirts, production and sale of calendars also with business logos, car stickers, production of silicone bracelets, engraving, business card printing, production of and printmaking on mats, printmaking on neck laces.
With us, you will gain not only ALTERNATE COMPENSATION, but also you will promote your company.

As agreed with the client, the Labour, Social Affairs and Family Bureau (UPSVaR) fully accepted all certificates we issued. Our clients included also companies with over 1,500 employees, but, of course, employers with less than 100 employees represent the overwhelming majority.

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